Professor Bret Gustafson, “Look My Child in the Eyes” from Students Against Peabody on Vimeo.

Professor Bret Gustafson of Washington University speaks at a April 19, 2014 rally hosted by Students Against Peabody and community organizations. Students Against Peabody is involved in an ongoing sit-in to demand that Washington University cut ties with Peabody Coal. The CEO of Peabody Coal, Greg Boyce, sits on the Washington University Board of Trustees.

Housing Justice Brings it Home: Taking it to the Speculator’s Home 19 Apr 2014 from Peter Menchini on Vimeo.

Named one of the notorious “Dirty Dozen”, Kaushik Dattani is a serial evictor of long-time Mission residents, seniors, families, and the disabled, all in the name of quick buck! Now he is evicting his tenants’ Tom and Patricia. Patricia Kerman, a disabled senior and 27-year tenant, and her roommate Tom Rapp, who has been here 15 years. Eviction Free San Francisco trekked to his house to let him and his neighbors know what happens when greed trumps housing for our elders.

Modern Day Warrior from Lance Thorn on Vimeo.

A piece created for American Indian History Month in collaboration with artist Mic Jordan. I traveled with Jordan to his hometown Belcourt, an American Indian reservation town in North Dakota. It was an enlightening trip. There was so much to capture but with the expected time limits, we got what was needed to convey the message of his poem, Modern Day Warrior.

Visuals by Lance Thorn
“Modern Day Warrior” poem by Mic Jordan
“The Intro” song by The xx.
Vocals mixed by Jeremy Peig

Canon T3i
Nikon 85mm f.18
Nikon 50mm f.18
Sigma 18-55mm
Zoom H4N
Rode NTG-2

Green Planet Catering- Mother Nature’s Revenge from Daniel Whittaker on Vimeo.

What happens when your sustainable farm/garden gets too much rain? Owner and Farm Manager Daniel Whittaker discusses the trickle down effect of 11.5” of excess rain over the month of June in 2013. Massive damages were overcome with proper planning and hard work. Although the company lost at least half it’s crops, the fall season is looking promising and the financial status of Green Planet has never been better.

Don’t Frack California! — Rally in Sacramento from Tom McAfee on Vimeo., in conjunction with other member groups from Californians Against Fracking and a broad-based coalition of environmental justice, social justice, and environmental organizations, presented a powerful show of force at DON’T FRACK CALIFORNIA, an anti-fracking rally in Sacramento on March 15, 2014. An estimated 4,000 participants heard speeches, made music, and encircled the capitol building to send a clear message to Governor Jerry Brown to stop fracking in the state.

#TastesLikeTarSands at Beverage Conference in Napa 23-24 Mar 2014 from Peter Menchini on Vimeo.

The prequel to this video is here:

Why do Cola-Cola and Pepsi use tar sands oil to power their fleets of trucks? Tar sands mining poisons vast amounts of water every day with ammonia, cyanide, arsenic and other known carcinogens, which are then dumped into massive leaky “lakes” of poisonous wastewater.

Significantly increased levels of these carcinogens have been found in watersheds as far as 50 miles away from the tar sands mining sites. Local indigenous communities have reported unusually high rates of rare types of cancer associated with these toxins, along with fish with severe deformities. End use of tar sands oil now!

Police Attack CCSF Student Protesters 13 Mar 2014 from Peter Menchini on Vimeo.

As City College of San Francisco (CCSF) students held their sit-in to demand the resignation of dictator Bob Agrella, police attacked them. At least one woman was thrown to the ground and police held a man on the ground and punched him.

The one-man rule of Special Trustee Bob Agrella has been a disaster for CCSF students. Agrella and his administration have cut classes, while trying to give administrators a 19% pay raise; they have imposed a Payment Plan that discriminates against immigrant students, while decimating the Diversity Departments; they continue to push the policies of the illegitimate ACCJC accreditation commission, even though the courts have issued an injunction against it. Students demand Agrella’s immediate resignation, the reversal of his anti-student actions, and the democratic election of a new Board of Trustees.

NYC Says No Keystone XL—March 11, 2014
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NYC Says No Keystone XL On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, President Obama came to NYC for a Park Avenue fundraiser. Local activists gathered nearby to deliver a message to him: Say No To Approving The Ke…

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On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, President Obama came to NYC for a Park Avenue fundraiser. Local activists gathered nearby to deliver a message to him: Say No To Approving The Keystone XL Pipeline.

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